City’s Environmental Committee Urban Farms Film Event a Success

City’s Environmental Committee Urban Farms Film Event a Success

NEW PORT RICHEY (April 30, 2015) – The City of New Port Richey’s Environmental Committee presented a film on urban farming at the New Port Richey Public Library in downtown New Port Richey on Monday, April 27.

The film is titled “Growing Cities,” and by presenting this film to the public the Environmental Committee has taken another step toward informing the community about the work the committee is doing to promote New Port Richey as a green city.  The city is already gaining a reputation for its multitude of urban agriculture projects and community gardens, and recently the annual Florida Loquat Festival was held at Market Off Main in downtown bringing in hundreds of visitors from the entire Tampa Bay area.

“This outstanding film reveals how policies promoting urban agriculture transform and enrich communities around the nation. It depicts the tremendous impact of projects similar to those the Environmental Committee has proposed to the City Council in New Port Richey. Our hope is that the film will inspire support for and action on our proposals,” said Dell deChant, the Environmental Committee’s chair.

Nearly 50 people with an interest in growing their own food attended the viewing along with the entire Environmental Committee and three members of the City Council who showed enthusiasm for  the goals presented and how a community and its city can work together to expand and enhance “urban farming” in New Port Richey.  deChant noted that the city council has the committee’s proposals on specific actions that will promote urban agriculture and allow a more robust expansion of food production in the community.

See photos from the event here.

The Environmental Committee is sanctioned by the city as an advisory board, which serves to plan and implement environmental projects and advise the city council on environmental initiatives. The committee meets monthly on the fourth Monday of the month.
Contact Dell deChant at  727-849-1626 for more information.

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