No Dates Set for Removal of NPR Red Light Cameras

No Dates Set for Removal of NPR Red Light Cameras

US19 will continue to have operational red light cameras in New Port Richey for the near term. According to a public records request, it is “not yet determined which cameras will be removed” from intersections on the highway.

The City of New Port Richey currently operates red light cameras at the following intersections:

Northbound US 19 at Trouble Creek Road

Northbound US 19 & Floramar Terrace

Southbound US 19 at Marine Parkway

Northbound and Southbound US 19 at Gulf Drive

Northbound US 19 at Cross Bayou Boulevard

Southbound US 19 at Main Street

(City of Port Richey also operates one red light camera on north bound and south bound US19 at Ridge Road)

Contrary to previous reports in the Suncoast News, the contract for the red light camera vendor, American Traffic Solutions, Inc., does not expire until June 2016, meaning that short of a decision based on New Port Richey’s City Council vote last week on which cameras to remove, the cameras will remain operational until that time. The City’s decision suggested that four intersections would lose the cameras, but the cameras remain up until a decision about which intersections to choose has been reached.

When contacted for information, City Officials claimed that ticket revenue and tickets issued were not tracked by intersection, despite previously generated revenue reports indicating otherwise. NewsPortRichey will report on further information as it becomes available.

*UPDATE* As of a second set of emails, New Port Richey officials have indicated that the following four intersections will at an undetermined date no longer have camera enforcement:

Northbound US19 at Floramar Terrace

Southbound US 19 at Marine Parkway

Southbound US19 at Main Street

Southbound US19 at Cross Bayou Boulevard

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