Local Club to Survey Fruit Trees in “Loquat Walk”

Local Club to Survey Fruit Trees in “Loquat Walk”

Sponsored by East Madison Grower’s Club

Loquat Walking Tour

New Port Richey

February 15, 11:00 AM

Supporting this year’s Loquat Festival, the East Madison Grower’s Club (EMGC) is hosting a loquat walking tour. EMGC is comprised of residents of the East Madison neighborhood of New Port Richey who have committed to improving the natural and cultural ecology of the community. In support of the festival, on February 15, EMGC is sponsoring a loquat walking tour of the neighborhood. Participants will learn to identify loquat trees, note their location, and notify residents of the Loquat Festival. The Florida Loquat Festival is April 4, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, at the Market Off Main in New Port Richey. For more information, see

If you would like to participate in the walking tour, contact us the Grower’s Club, or Friendship Farms & Fare (, or Ecology Florida:

If you live in the East Madison neighborhood, and would like to join or learn more about the East Madison Grower’s Club, go to the website and click on the contact link.

For a map of all New Port Richey neighborhoods, go to:

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