Thousands Throng to New Port Richey’s Chasco Fiesta Parade

Thousands Throng to New Port Richey’s Chasco Fiesta Parade

New Port Richey, FL – March 12, 2018 – Party goers and parade enthusiasts piled deep along the guarded Chasco Fiesta parade route through downtown New Port Richey on Saturday afternoon. This year’s theme was “A Salute to the American Flag” along with special appreciation for those who have served in the armed forces.

2018 Chasco Fiesta Parade
2018 Chasco Fiesta Parade in New Port Richey

Spirits were high and there was plenty to do before and after the parade.

In Sims Park the week-long Native American Festival was getting ready for nightly demonstrations of Native American culture that will include colorful costumes and dancing, music and unique arts and crafts located in the north end of Sims Park.

Before the parade families and kids had fun at the Chasco midway and carnival. From the huge Ferris Wheel to the Rocking Tug, there were rides for kids and adults to enjoy.

Several musical performances will be held in the amphitheater every evening of Chasco Fiesta, one night showcasing Broadway hits to Rhythm and Blues, rock and roll and ending the Fiesta on Saturday with the annual Country Concert, this year featuring Runaway Jane and the James Barker Band. Tickets are still available.

Also many of the charities who benefit from Chasco Fiesta will be on site with fair food and beyond. Snow cones, hot dogs and hamburgers, kettle corn and so much more. Also the Sertoma’s BBQ will offer ribs and chicken on Friday evening and all day Saturday and wine or beer.

Sertoma BBQ Chasco Fietsa

And don’t forget the annual Chasco Fiesta Boat Parade, hosted by the New Port Richey Rotary Club, on the river at Sims Par

2018 Chasco Fiesta Fair
2018 Chasco Fiesta Fair

k on Sat., March 17 at 1 p.m.

For more about the Chasco Fiesta during the week of Monday, March 12 to Saturday, March 17…go to .

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