County Posts Recycling Survey–Wants Resident Feedback

County Posts Recycling Survey–Wants Resident Feedback

Pasco County Utilities is asking for resident input about recycling and recycling habits in a new survey aimed at identifying the recycling behavior of Pasco residents (of which City residents are a part because of the way recycling is conducted here). The goal is to reduce the total tonnage of residential trash produced in order to avoid the need to create a second, very expensive incinerator to keep up with trash demand.

Here is a statement from the introduction to the survey (link to the survey below):

Hello and thank you for taking this brief survey to help us learn more about waste and recycling practices in Pasco County. One of Pasco’s Sustainability Goals is to increase Countywide recycling, and our residents play a critical role in reaching this goal.
It is important to note that Pasco County’s Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facility is reaching its capacity and, if Pasco County does nothing, the Facility will require an expansion to begin by 2020. The cost of that expansion is projected to be approximately $190 million, not counting inflation, which the citizens of Pasco County will have to pay for through increased fees. The need for the expansion is not going to go away.  However, if Pasco County is able to defer the expansion it will provide additional time to secure and grow the funding needed to pay for it.
One key way to delay the WTE expansion is to get more Pasco County residents to take part in curbside recycling, which all County-licensed haulers provide.
Currently, Pasco County relies exclusively on its voluntary curbside recycling program, of which only 27 percent of eligible County households participate. This low participation rates results in just 1.4 percent of residential trash being recycled.
By 2030, the goal is to recycle 35 percent of total household and commercial trash. Every Pasco County resident who continues or starts recycling will play an important role in deferring the WTE expansion.
That is why your feedback is critical for staff to make informed recommendations and decisions about increasing recycling participation and activities through Pasco County.
Please take a few minutes to complete and submit the following survey. Your time and feedback are truly appreciated.

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