New Port Richey Passes Noise Ordinance, Adds Police Discretion

New Port Richey Passes Noise Ordinance, Adds Police Discretion

New Port Richey City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to pass an amended noise ordinance to help ease noise complaints coming from the City’s downtown district. Resident complaints have been overwhelming the City’s police department, according to Police Chief Kim Bogart. Bogart said Tuesday he was “frustrated” by the problem.

One of the main concerns of residents and council members has been low-frequency sounds which can travel much further than normally transmitted noises and is not detectable with a decimeter, the device used to measure sound violations.

Because of this limitation, the ordinance was changed before being passed to include discretion for Police Officers who can determine in a sound is “plainly audible from any property at a distance of 100 feet…”

Also added is a portion of the ordinance which bans “sound-amplifying equipment on or within any motor vehicle audible from a distance of 100 feet” meaning that it would also fall to the discretion of the police officer on whether or not to issue a ticket.

NewsPortRichey reported on the original passage of the first ordinance in November.

Council members on Tuesday questioned whether the officer’s discretion would hold up in court, but were assured by City Attorney Timothy Driscoll and Bogart that it would.

Bogart promised that “our gloves are going to come off” when asked about enforcement of the ordinance.

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