Green Commerce Association Forms, Holds First Meeting

Green Commerce Association Forms, Holds First Meeting

NEW PORT RICHEY, FL (June 1, 2015) – The general public and the media are cordially invited to the initial public presentation of the Green Commerce Association (GCA) on Tuesday, June 16 at 6 p.m. at the New Port Richey Public Library (5919 Main Street, New Port Richey, 34653). The program will introduce the mission and focus of the association, featuring presentations by the GCA steering committee: Travis Morehead, Rose Mohr, Audrey Voss, and Dell deChant.

Green Commerce Association Executive Members, Photo Courtesy Marilynn deChant
Executive Committee of the Green Commerce Association:
Travis Morehead, Dell deChant, Audrey Voss. Photo courtesy of Marilynn deChant

GCA welcomes all businesses and individuals who desire to make a sincere commitment to sustainability in their everyday activities, long-term planning, and community endeavors. Special emphasis is put on the promotion of local businesses committed to ecological stewardship, support and further development of local sources for sustainably produced goods and services, and educational endeavors addressing the relationship of economic sustainability to ecological stewardship. GCA also encourages all participants to grow local seasonal produce             even if only in a planter.

These and other topics will be addressed at the introductory meeting. The event will also feature the recognition of the first members of the association, and announcement of the GCA’s first projects.

For further information on the event or membership inquiries, contact Travis Morehead, Nature Coast Real Food Project, (727) 271-2333.

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