Fines and Hearing Levied Against Downtown Development

Fines and Hearing Levied Against Downtown Development

A hearing has been scheduled on May 13 at 10:00 am because of code enforcement violations found at 5731 Main Street. The property is a former Texaco gas station and has been under construction for a number of years. The property has been a source of frustration for city council members. The building and its renovation have been topics at a number of council meetings and city leaders have called for tougher enforcement of agreements with the owner of the property.

According to a release from the City, an initial inspection was conducted which found several violations. The station’s owner, one Turksavas Bektas, was given five days to bring the property into compliance. A second inspection on April 17 found the property still in violation. Bektas’ primary address is listed in Hillsborough County.

Bektas is an active licensed contractor according to the State of Florida and operates a current general contracting business in Hillsborough County. Bektas also has a home inspector license which expired in 2014.


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