Two Arrested as Homeland Security Searches New Port Richey Home and Finds Child Porn, Drugs

Two Arrested as Homeland Security Searches New Port Richey Home and Finds Child Porn, Drugs

Real monsters were revealed in New Port Richey on a bright and crisp Halloween morning. Nearly 40 vehicles assembled in the employee parking lot of Northbay hospital as the sun rose and New Port Richey Police, Sheriff’s Deputies, and federal Homeland Security agents converged on a house on Montana Avenue to execute a federal search warrant.

Residents reported being awoken to loud bangs just after 6 AM on the 6000 block of Montana Avenue, the sound of flashbangs being tossed through the windows of the house. Two broken windows at the residence indicate the front and rear windows were points of entry. New Port Richey Police said the warrant was related to “internet crimes against children” and that two suspects are in custody. Drugs were also found in the house.

Federal law enforcement vehicles parked near the searched house.
Department of Homeland Security Search
A large number of Homeland Security vehicles parked in front of the searched residence.

The residence in question is 6234 Montana Avenue, a residence owned by a former high school teacher named William Napolitano. Napolitano has a number of previous arrests relating to possession and trafficking of cocaine. Phone calls to the residence have gone unanswered. Napolitano worked for Pasco Schools as a teacher and athletics coach at River Ridge, J.W. Mitchell, and Pasco High schools until 2004 when he was fired for allegedly soliciting prostitution from an undercover female Sheriff’s deputy.

UPDATE: Police have now said that two suspects were arrested, a father and son. The father, William Napolitano, was arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine and possession of a controlled substance. The son, William M. Napolitano, 34, was the original target of the Homeland Security warrant. He was arrested and placed into federal custody in Tampa and has been charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. The younger Napolitano is also currently employed by Pasco County Schools as a Transportation Manager in the school district’s bussing program. He has been featured on local news stations in interviews regarding transportation issues in the County.

William M. Napolitano, 34, in his booking photo at the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office before being handed into federal custody.

School district spokesperson Linda Cobb said the schools had no indication that Napolitano was suspicious. “People cried. People were shocked. The people that work for him love him. No one could believe that this guy we know had that kind of deviant behavior going on,” she said, “If we had any indication that one of our employees had any deviant behavior like this we would have reported it ourselves.”

William Napolitano, 59, shown here in a booking photo from October 2016 on cocaine charges, is listed as the owner of the house.

A neighbor noted that there had been a large amount of vehicle and foot traffic at the home over the last few months.

Department of Homeland Security officials confirmed that a search warrant was executed but could not provide additional information about an ongoing investigation.

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