NPR Police Say Kia Salesman Justin McCann Was Fugitive Felon, Stole Identity

NPR Police Say Kia Salesman Justin McCann Was Fugitive Felon, Stole Identity

In a press release issued by the New Port Richey Police Department, officials say they have made a major arrest of a wanted felon being pursued by the U.S. Marshals Office:

On 09/18/2016, West Virginia police contacted the New Port Richey Police Department in reference to a vehicle being purchased by a male using the victim’s information. (The victim, Steven Bohon was from West Virginia and had never traveled to Florida.) The suspect purchased the vehicle using the exact identification as the true victim. Bohon said he and his fiancee were applying for a loan and were told it was denied due to a $25,000 vehicle purchase that occurred at 5819 US 19 (Kia). Further investigation revealed McCann was currently dating the victim’s ex-wife, who was also from West Virginia.

A records search of McCann revealed he was wanted by the US Marshals and there was an outstanding full extradition warrant dated 03/08/2016, out of Pennsylvania for similar crimes. McCann left West Virginia due to the warrants, took a bus to Tampa and moved to New Port Richey. McCann obtained a birth certificate with all the victim’s information along with a social security card. The birth certificate had the victim’s parent’s information and accurate birth documentation. The birth certificate and social security card were issued on the same date. The victim said he still had in his possession his original birth certificate, but he did not have his social security card, which was lost around the time McCann started dating the victim’s ex-wife. McCann obtained a job at the same Kia dealership where he purchased the 2016 Optima under the name and information of the victim. A search of the Kia dealership showed an image of McCann as a sales consultant under the name of Steven Bohon. FTO S. Pascalli contacted the Kia dealership as a ruse to see if “Bohon” was employed there and on-scene. The dealership confirmed the suspect was an employee and attempted to transfer the call. FTO Pascalli disconnected the call prior to the transfer. McCann (acting as Bohon) called back and left a voicemail to FTO S. Pascalli’s phone. Detective Corporal Williams responded to the dealership undercover acting as a potential customer to see if he could locate McCann so patrol units could initiate an arrest. Corporal Williams located McCann and perimeter patrol units arrested him at the dealership. McCann continued to claim he was Steven Bohon and provided all the correct information to include the real Bohon’s date of birth and social security number. Tattoo information provided by the US Marshals matched what was on McCann’s person. Bohon was arrested on local charges and transported to the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center. At the jail, facial recognition confirmed the alleged Steven Bohon was fugitive Justin McCann.
Later, Corporal Ray and Corporal Williams were looking for the Kia Optima McCann illegally purchased, but were unable to locate it. A search at a local residence listed on McCann’s fraudulently issued ID also yielded negative results. Corporal Ray and Corporal Williams later spotted the vehicle at the intersection of US 19 and SR 54. The driver was preparing to turn East on to SR 54. A traffic stop was initiated and McCann’s girlfriend was identified as the passenger. McCann’s girlfriend, who retained her ex-husband’s last name, admitted to posing as a married couple with the suspect. The girlfriend said she moved to Florida three months after McCann so they could be a family with their one and two year old children. The girlfriend voluntarily participated in a recorded interview and provided a statement in regard to the crimes. McCann was transported to the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center. This investigation is ongoing.

Please contact Chief Bogart with any questions or concerns. Reference this case: #16-03409


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