Gulf Middle School asking for shoe donations for South Americans

Gulf Middle School asking for shoe donations for South Americans

Imagine if the only mode of transportation you have ‘ is your own two feet’. Wouldn’t it be awful if you didn’t own a pair of shoes to protect them while you walk everywhere you need to go? This would definitely give new meaning to ‘walking a mile in someone else’s shoes’….
Gulf Middle School (in New Port Richey) is trying to give back to ‘far away’ communities in need.
Our GMS Students and Staff are so fortunate to have so many wonderful community members, local businesses and organizations support us with funding, and volunteering time & talents, all of which help make us a better place to attend work and school. Now it is our turn to pay if forward.
In the spirit of ‘getting’ our students, faculty and staff are going to give a little joy back to others in need. Starting March 1, 2016, through April 1, 2016,  we are collecting new, gently worn and used shoes in all shapes, sizes and colors, to send to impoverished nations in Haiti, Ghana, Honduras, Guatemala and Bolivia.
Please consider giving GMS your unwanted shoes. They can even be high heels, sandals and flip flops. The only catch is, they need to be wearable, no holes in the toes or soles and not held together with duct tape. Also, pairs only please and brush off the dirt and/or grass prior to donating them to us. Finally, if you donate sneakers, please include the laces. Laceless shoes cannot be reused…
We will place collection sites at the school and if you have 25 or more pairs to donate, if you can’t get them to us, we will find a way to get them from you.
If you have shoes to donate, questions, comments or just want more information, please contact Amy Marin at or call (727) 774-8000.

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