Green Commerce Association Hosts ‘Organic’ Holiday Food Drive

Green Commerce Association Hosts ‘Organic’ Holiday Food Drive

The Green Commerce Association teams with other Community Organizations  for first Organic Food Drive in New Port Richey

Highest quality food for less fortunate neighbors

The Green Commerce Association is sponsoring the first organic food drive in New Port Richey. Folks are asked to contribute certified USDA organic food (cans and boxes only) for distribution to low-income, hungry, and otherwise less fortunate folks in the area. The Green Commerce Association is leading a coalition of ecological and community-sustaining organizations to promote this one-of-a-kind project. This will be a holiday food drive, from November 28 through December 22.

Drop off locations are being developed. Thus far, we are pleased to report locations at Rose’s Bistro Off Main, Sun Toyota, and Wright’s Nutrients.   Others will soon follow. We will receive only USDA certified organic food in cans or boxes – no produce or perishables

Joining Green Commerce Association is Friendship Farms & Fare, Nature Coast Real Food Project, Ecology Florida, East Madison Growers, and Volunteer Way.  Business supporters are Rose’s Bistro Off Main, Sun Toyota, and Wright’s Nutrients.

Green Commerce Association Organic Food Drive

Judging from the content of many collection containers, too often food shared in support of the less fortunate is low quality, highly processed, perhaps unhealthy, likely genetically modified, and almost never organic.  Why not give the best to those in greatest need?

Why give poor food to folks reaching out for sustenance?  Why not express our care, compassion, and kindness in a thoughtful manner, by taking a just a little time to find high-quality, nutritious organic food to share with those who would most benefit?  Why not, indeed!  
Let’s get together to make an immediate happy change in the way we think about those we help. Let’s share healthy, nutritious, and good food with those reaching out for nourishment. Green Commerce Association asks all members and the general public to join us.

Contributions can be sent to:

Ecology Florida
PO Box 596
New Port Richey, FL 34656-0596
You can also donate through the Ecology Florida PayPal platform.  See the donate button on the Ecology Florida website: <>  All resources received for this event are tax-deductable and will be used exclusively to purchase food for the organic food drive.

For more information: Travis Morehead  (727) 271-2333 or Dell deChant (727) 849-1626 or visit the Green Commerce Association website at


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