Agriculture Report – November 23

Agriculture Report – November 23

Weekly Farm Report

From Friendship Farms & Fare

Week of November 23, 2015

A Community Service To West Pasco’s Urban Agriculture Community

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We are giving thanks for our shareholders, supporters, contributors, and friends. Friendship Farms & Fare is a cooperative project that succeeds only to the extent that we create a community.  In this spirit, we are thankful for everyone who has come forward to form and shape Friendship Farms & Fare. Thank you all.

Garden Overview

Harvests were moderate last week.

The heat continues to stress the young winter greens. We planted a few seedling and started more seeds.   Most the New South Garden is not planted. Only the central section remains to be planted.

Despite the heat, cool weather crops need to get into the ground. We’ll plant more this week.  We’ll continue to work with tomatoes and bell peppers.  We are doing well with the peppers, and “so far so good” with a few volunteer tomatoes.

We acquired several more low-flow sprinklers.  We prefer to water by hand using watering cans, but due to time constraints and the need to cool the winter greens daily, we’ve opted for sprinklers.

See the Share Report for all items.  

For all plantings, we use seeds from our collection or heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange (   


Friendship Farms & Fare Teams Up With Others

For First Organic Food Drive in New Port Richey

Highest Quality Food For Less Fortunate Neighbors
Friendship Farms & Fare join the Green Commerce Association in sponsoring the first organic food drive in New Port Richey. Folks are asked to contribute certified USDA organic food (cans and boxes only) for distribution to low-income, hungry, and otherwise less fortunate folks in the area.

Green Commerce Association is leading a coalition of ecological and community-sustaining organizations to promote this one-of-a-kind project.

This will be a holiday food drive, from November 28 through December 22.   

Drop off locations are being developed. Thus far, we are pleased to report locations at Rose’s Bistro Off Main, Sun Toyota, and Wright’s Nutrients.   Others will soon follow. We will receive only USDA certified organic food in cans or boxes – no produce or perishables

Besides Friendship Farms & Fare, joining Green Commerce Association is Nature Coast Real Food Project, Ecology Florida, East Madison Growers, and Volunteer Way.  Business supporters are Rose’s Bistro Off Main, Sun Toyota, and Wright’s Nutrients.

Judging from the content of many collection containers, too often food shared in support of the less fortunate is low quality, highly processed, perhaps unhealthy, likely genetically modified, and almost never organic.  Why not give the best to those in greatest need?

Why give poor food to folks reaching out for sustenance?  Why not express our care, compassion, and kindness in a thoughtful manner, by taking a just a little time to find high-quality, nutritious organic food to share with those who would most benefit?  Why not, indeed!  

Let’s get together to make an immediate happy change in the way we think about those we help. Let’s share healthy, nutritious, and good food with those reaching out for nourishment. Green Commerce Association asks all members and the general public to join us.

Contributions can be sent to:

Friendship Farms & Fare
PO Box 596
New Port Richey, FL 34656-0596
You can also donate through the Ecology Florida PayPal platform.  See the donate button on the Ecology Florida website: <>

You can also share financial support directly with the Farmer or our volunteers.  All resources received for this event are tax-deductable and will be used exclusively to purchase food for the food drive.

Fall Seeding and Garden Starts Resume

Despite unseasonable heat (and record breaking high temperatures), we continued seeding and garden starts this week. Rain on Thursday (and forecast for the weekend, Nov. 20-22) is welcome – especially with the fresh seedings and seedlings.   

Collards Making Better Progress

Collards are picking up a bit, and the cooler weather in the forecast should accelerate their growth.

So far this fall, it has  just too hot for these cool weather plants to develop nice full heads, but that is changing,  and we do have enough to supply all shares with larger quantities this week.  We did our first 2-gallon bags last week!

This is the latest we have been before collards really take off.

Kale Slower Still

Kale is another story – it is still lagging.  The heat is harder on the kale than the collards, and the kale is way behind its usual pace.  We did include some kale in shares last week, and we can include some this week.

To get the kale, you’ll have to have read this far to make the request – it is not listed in the share report.

Our own seedlings are just about ready for planting, and we’ll likely to that this week.

Grand Gardens Opening: A Happy Occasion

The Grand Gardens in New Port Richey had a lovely opening on November 7th (2:00 to 4:00).

Friendship Farms & Fare joined with Ecology Florida, Nature Coast Real Food Project, and other local organic agriculture organizations to inaugurate a substantial (and sustainable) community garden just west of the East Madison neighborhood.

To acquire a plot or to join in the project as a volunteer, contact Travis Morehead at (727) 271-2333.

Financial support will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to share contributions with Friendship Farms & Fare in support of the new Grand Gardens or any our other projects, your gifts will be gratefully received.  We’ll share an acknowledgment of your gift and our warm thanks.  We are also happy to report that contributions to Friendship Farms & Fare are tax deductible.

You can mail contributions to:

Friendship Farms & Fare

PO Box 596

New Port Richey, FL 34656-0596

Shares Light This Week

Shares will still be a little light this week.  The winter greens are coming along, and small shares of collards are available. We have good quantities of herbs.  The transition to Fall (and larger harvests and shares) has about one more month.

Arugula Available

One of our fall favorites, Arugula, is doing very well.  We have leaves available in medium sizes this week.  The plants starting to take off, and most are healthy and strong.

Sweet Potato Leaves

True!  Due to the extreme heat, the sweet potato roots and missed spuds are generating new vines. There are quite a lot throughout the gardens. We’ll include these wonderful summer greens in your share if you like.  We’ll keep them on the list until we cold weather.

Sweet Bell Peppers

Our Carolina Wonders and Charleston Belles are finally producing peppers. These are delicious sweet bell peppers. We’ve not had Bells in significant numbers for a while, but this season is looking pretty good.  We are including in all shares unless requested not to.


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