GEEKNOTE: Week of May 11, 2014

GEEKNOTE: Week of May 11, 2014

I missed the posting of this week’s GeekNote from City Mayor Rob Marlowe, and he put out two this week so here’s an aggregate of both links and their topics:

GEEKNOTE: May 11 – Post Election Thoughts

Rob talks about the status of New Port Richey’s upcoming Sims Park improvements and Hacienda work as well as the cleanup day scheduled for June 2.

GEEKNOTE: May 12 – XP Upgrade

Rob discusses upgrade options for users struggling with the discontinuation of Microsoft’s support for Windows XP.

GEEKNOTE: May 18 – Week in Review

Rob looks at how a busy week has progressed, including his fight to change the DOT’s mind on US-19.

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