School Testing Woes Continue

School Testing Woes Continue

Testing “season” continues in Pasco Schools this week. End of Course exams begin today, a full six weeks before courses actually end. Testing was in the news last week as well with a massive system disruption for 9th graders taking the FCAT last Tuesday. Students were sent back to class and forced to miss 1-2 additional days for makeup testing. That makeup testing occurred on Friday but is continuing in schools today. However, according to school officials there was an additional glitch in testing on Thursday. Most students were able to test but additional students were unable to take the exam and those students will also be testing today. The first glitch on Tuesday was caused by a server issue with the testing company, Pearson. The glitch on Thursday occurred because of local connectivity issues with the school networks.

New Port Richey Mayor Rob Marlowe, in his weekly GEEKNOTE, expressed concern with these very same issues last week.

Standardized testing began in earnest almost two weeks ago, but really has been ongoing since early April with PERT testing. With End of Course exams now on the menu, Pasco students will be testing for a further two weeks. Without a doubt, students in classes now are seeing the most testing of any students to this point.

By Jon Tietz

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