Cold Front, Low of 37 Degrees Expected Saturday Night

(New Port Richey, FL) – The National Weather Service is monitoring the potential for rainy and cold weather throughout the Florida peninsula this weekend. A strong cold front will move through the area on Friday night into early Saturday morning, bringing rainfall and possibly thunderstorms. Conditions will turn much colder beginning Saturday until Monday.

Lows are expected to be in the high 30s in the early hours of Sunday morning.

*       Consider the needs of pets during this time. Do not leave pets outside in the cold weather.
*       Cover or move plants that are sensitive to the cold.
*       Hazardous boating conditions are expected Friday night and Saturday night. Mariners are encouraged to exercise caution.
*       Cover or close windows or doors near exposed interior pipes. Insulate your pipes if possible.
*       Disconnect and drain all garden hoses, and consider placing an insulating cover over the outside spigots.
*       Inspect your meter box cover and make sure it is closed. If it is broken or missing, call Hernando County Utilities at (352) 754-4037.
*       When low temperatures are predicted, let a thin trickle of water run from the faucet.
*       If your pipes do break, immediately turn your water off at the shut-off valve.
*       Consider running pool pumps overnight during freezing temperatures to prevent damage.
*       Turn off sprinkler system to avoid damage to the sprinkler head and pipes.
*       Remember, thawing frozen pipes is dangerous and could cause extensive damage. Call a plumber if your pipes freeze; never try to thaw pipes with an open flame.

Residents are encouraged to pay attention to local media outlets or the National Weather Service at for current weather information.

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