Agriculture Report – March 7, 2016

Agriculture Report – March 7, 2016

Weekly Farm Report

From Friendship Farms & Fare

Week of March 7, 2016

A Community Service To West Pasco’s Urban Agriculture Community

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Current Farm Report Posted

This week’s Farm Report is now posted on the 3F website. For the full report, go to:  

Florida Loquat Festival  

March 26  ~ 9:00 – 2:00

Frances Avenue Park

New Port Richey

Mark Your Calendars

We are pleased to announce the date and location of this year’s Florida Loquat Festival.  Mark your calendars and make arrangements now to join loquat fans from around the state in New Port Richey on March 26, 2016. The poetry session will start at 1:00, and you send your poems to the poetry curator (Wendy Buffington) in advance.  Send to: <>

For more details, see the full story in the Farm Report  

Click here for the January edition of the Florida Loquat News:

First Spring Seedings At Gardens

Seeds & Seedlings Available for Your Gardens

That’s right!  We’ve started our first batch of seeds for our spring (and summer) garden.  

Our okra seeding is now close to 100% germination – just took a while to get all the seeds to sprout.

The five okras we are featuring this season are Star of David, Hill Country Red, Silver Queen, our own hybrid Rouge Lance, and Red Burgundy.  As you may recall, the Burgundy is the only one that did not germinate.  All the rest are at or close to 100% germination.  

See more in our lead story at the site:

Plenty of Winter Greens

If you desire winter greens (collards, kale, arugula, and broccoli), order up. We have more collards than we’ve ever had, and more broccoli than last year.  Kale is good – especially the lacinato kale.


One of our favorites, Arugula, is very strong now. We have a lot and can include in all shares.


Broccoli has passed peak. We’ll have good quantities for weeks to come, but the production is slowing, and flowering has begun.

Swiss Chard

We finally are getting a little swiss chard to come in, thanks to colder wetter weather.  We can likely fill all share requests.  

Loquats Still in Recess

Loquats are ripening slowly now due to the cold.  They should pick up again soon.  March 1 is the usual starting date for heavier harvests.

Grand Gardens T-Shirts Available

Grand Garden Shirts are now.  Suggested minimum donation for the shirts is $15, additional donations will help us cover production costs and allow us to give more to the students at Gulf Middle School (our school partner).

Here is a nice article about the art contest and the winner (who is holding the winning image, which is now on the shirts!).



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