City of New Port Richey 2014 Spring Clean Up Day

City of New Port Richey 2014 Spring Clean Up Day

New Port Richey city government is holding a spring clean up day on June 21st–the first day of summer–from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The city will be providing dumpsters for residents to deposit unwanted material. A current Florida Driver’s License must be shown to a City employee at the dropoff site (must be a City resident).

The City notice claims that a list of allowable materials is listed on the City’s website (but it’s not). I will see if I can get and publish that list here for you.

Further, if you would like to volunteer on that day for a cleanup, please fill out the form below and I’ll put you on a list which I will collaborate with the City on (since they are not offering a signup at this time).

A complete list of allowable materials and a map showing dumpster locations can be found on the City’s website, the City’s Wiki site, Nixle, and at the following City Facilities; City Hall; Library; Recreation & Aquatic Center; and the Public Works Operations Center.

“Please come join us in making our City beautiful!”

By Jon Tietz

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