Ed Beckman: Capitalizing on Community Gardens

Ed Beckman: Capitalizing on Community Gardens

Taking the Lead, Capitalizing on Community Gardens
By Ed Beckman

Over the last couple years many of our city residents have established gardens on their properties. How do we capitalize on this endeavor with our local growers in the community? My answer is simple we need to start marketing and targeting those businesses that can benefit by partnering with our resident growers.

Creating partnership’s with potential business interests that could include a permanent Farmers Market downtown would be a great start. One site that comes to mind is the former gas station at Grand and Main. According to the property owner of that parcel it has been leased to a new business owner that is working towards opening a Deli and Specialty Grocery type store. Since the business project is still under construction renovations their could possibly be an opportunity to establish a partnership to market locally grown produce on a regular basis. This would result in an increase of foot traffic benefiting both the Deli and a potential Produce Market creating a win-win for the Deli business owner and our local growers.

Another potential business opportunity that could be supported by local growers is some form of a Chef’s Cooking Class business. Using the same dynamic as “Painting With A Twist” I envision a business venture downtown outfitted with kitchen work spaces that are positioned on a perimeter with the center area open for the chef/instructor to hold class. The concept of having something “different” in our downtown area should be a goal to attract a new demographic of folks visiting our city. Capitalizing on our resident growers will truly set us apart from the cities that we continue to admire i.e. Dunedin, Safety Harbor and Tarpon Springs. We have an extraordinary opportunity to have those cities envy New Port Richey by tapping into the potential of our growing agriculture initiatives.

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