OPINION: Health Insurance Reforms Are Working

OPINION: Health Insurance Reforms Are Working

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Because Florida Republican officials are refusing federal Medicaid dollars, about 1.3 million low-income Florida residents will not get health care coverage. Before Obamacare, 4.1 million Floridians lacked health insurance. Despite Gov. Rick Scott and other Florida legislative efforts to block Medi­caid expansion and enrollment, the number of Florida’s uninsured has been reduced to 3.4 million.

In my physician volunteer work, I encourage patients to sign up. Many cannot afford required premiums due to Florida’s refusal to accept expansion money. One mother was pleased with the premium but was unable to make an appointment with the doctor. Although he was a listed provider, he claimed the plan dropped him. She called the insurer, which gave a different story and claimed, in fact, the doctor had dropped them. She found another physician.

Premiums and deductibles were high for a local businessman due to pre-existing conditions. With Obamacare, his premiums have been cut significantly and he and his family are fully covered with a reasonable deductible.

Another man reported significant premium savings. His wife had surgery, and although the hospital had admitted her, hospital officials later claimed they were not an Obamacare provider. Her insurance status was clear on admission. The hospital is cooperating and resolving coverage concerns.

Most I speak to are happy with Obamacare cost and coverage. Typically, those with serious medical conditions are finding affordable insurance. Obamacare is the first successful effort to address America’s uninsured. Despite conservatives’ relentless efforts to sabotage Obamacare, more and more Americans are taking advantage of it.

Marc Yacht, M.D., Hudson


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